Education System in Pakistan Pros and Cons

Pakistan is a progressing country and now it is rising in the world by its talented and educated people. Education system in Pakistan is very complex and uncertain. There are four provinces in Pakistan and every province has its own education system and course outlines. There are also Madaras in Pakistan which have totally different syllabus and curriculum. So, education in Pakistan is complex but now upgrading by passage of time.

Primary education is almost free in Pakistan by the Government institutions. Government encourages education for every child. There are a number of educational institutes in Pakistan but the literacy rate is very down. Many people are not interested for education of their children.

They prefer to do work and earn for the family at early age of their children. Government providing free education at primary level and even at higher level for deserving and talented students. There is free education in Pakistan for talented and deserving students.

Curriculum and Syllabus in Pakistan 

This is the critical point in Pakistan educational system. There is no single curriculum in Pakistan. Every province has its own curriculum and syllabus. On the other hand, the Madaras where Islamic education is given has different curriculum and syllabus.

There are four province and there are four different books of English of the same class. Because every province in Pakistan has different history and culture. This is the reason of different course outlines and subject’s syllabus. Punjab has its own curriculum and other provinces like Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK have their own curriculum according to their culture and history.

It is beneficial for the primary and secondary education but not so good at higher level. Because at the higher-level education you have to face the international community and you have to work and do job according to international standard.

Ministry of education in Pakistan is working on single and one curriculum for the whole Pakistan. It will provide the same opportunities and same competition for all the students across the country. It will provide same ground for competition and also every student across the country will get the knowledge of all provinces about their culture and history. Ministry of education is working on making that type of curriculum and syllabus for whole country that cover all the four provinces’ educational strategies.

Future of Education in Pakistan

The scope and future of education in Pakistan is so bright. Pakistan and its universities and institutions are in the World ranking and also rising their position day by day. Pakistani students have much talent and now world is recognizing the educated people of Pakistan. Day by day the educational system is upgrading. Government is making new universities and institutions.

They are also providing the research institutions for students and also encourage the new strategies for educational improvement. Pakistan is struggling in educational system for meet the new requirement for the modern world. Future of education and future of students of Pakistan is bright and they will rise soon. There is much talent and much scope of education in Pakistan.

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