Few Habits that Adversely Affect your Confidence

Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”

You cannot work or achieve success if you don’t believe in yourself. Yes, confidence is essential. That said, being overconfident is harmful. So, how do you determine whether you are confident or overconfident?

Confidence is contagious


When you prepare yourself for the future, you must avoid the habits that harm your confidence. Unfortunately, it is not easy to identify them. So, here’s a list of habits that might have a bad effect on your confidence. If you find anything in common, work on it and change it immediately.

  • I don’t know how

It is a common phrase among people across different age groups. You will find many saying, “I don’t know how to get through the situation” or “I don’t know how I am in this situation.” Accepting the various things around you is essential. You cannot let go of the worries in daily life. You must acknowledge the problems or the situation you are in if you want to fight it. These phrases will only mean that you have already given up. It is not a good thing to do. If you look at the successful people around you, you will see how they have faced failures and overcame them. So, avoid posing as a victim and work on your attitude. It will help you overcome the problems and find ways to solve them.

  • Spending too much time on social media

The real world is not on social media platforms. You have to understand this and work on your time on social media platforms. Spending more time on social media will make you pose like people you see on social media. You cannot be like them; you have to understand the essence of being yourself and spend more time interacting with real people than the fake profiles on your social media account. Your confidence level gets affected when you try and fail to be like the ones you see on social media. Find your mojo, and work on the skills you have to gain more confidence and walk through the various situations.

  • Negative thinking

Being pessimistic has never helped. We all fail to realise that each time we have negative thoughts, we lose a lot of confidence. Many do not acknowledge their skills or talent. They feel they are not good enough and do not have the skills to make it big. The more you feel this way, the more you will move towards failure. Being positive is essential. You can face various challenges boldly and have the courage to accept criticism. No one is perfect, but everyone tries to be perfect. So, let go of the negative thoughts and work on yourself to succeed.

  • Setting unrealistic goals

It is good to push yourself. But setting unrealistic goals is not an option. You need to know your limits and set your goals accordingly. Unfortunately, many have the habit of setting goals that cannot be achieved just to prove themselves. Till date, no one has been successful in doing that. Instead, most of them have lost a lot of confidence. It is one of the worst habits that can ruin your confidence level. If you have set an unrealistic goal for yourself, stop running for it. Instead, work on the goals that can be achieved and prepare for the future. It will help you get through the problems and gain more confidence as you move forward.

  • Saying “yes” to everything

Many have the habit of saying “yes” to everything. They don’t realise the difficulty level of the work and fail to concentrate on them. A lot can happen when you keep accepting everything. You will be taken for granted and will be forced to complete all the tasks on time. These things make you afraid, and your confidence level goes for a toss. Hence, don’t say a “yes” to all the works that come your way. Know yourself well, and select the tasks that can be done quickly or the ones that fit your skill sets. Learn to say “no“; it will help boost your confidence and help you overcome the challenges.

  • The disappointed look on your face

You will come across many people who are not happy with their life. They always have a disappointed look on their face. This attitude can break your confidence. You will always feel something is wrong and cannot cope with the situation. Therefore, it is essential to have a positive attitude and a smile on your face every time. You will sail through the challenges easily if you have the right attitude. A disappointed look does not attract many people and spreads a negative vibe. Hence, work on it and wear a smile every time you face challenges; it will help you overcome them easily.

  • Living in the past

Preparing yourself for the future is essential. It is not easy to forget everything that happened in the past. But if you live in the past, you will not have a plan for the future. Therefore, it is essential to let go of the memories and work on the future. Dwelling in the past will only push you back, and you will never gain the confidence to prepare for the future. Hence, it is essential to understand these things and work on them to have a better future. Failure is a part of life. You cannot succeed in all your endeavours. It is important to learn from your mistakes and have the right preparations for the future.

  • Comparing yourself to others

It isn’t easy to let go of this habit. You will come across various people in your life. Comparing yourself to others is inevitable. But will that affect your confidence? For most people, it will. They will not be able to live up to the expectations. It ruins self-confidence. You have to understand that everyone is not equal. You might have skills that the other person can only dream of. So, upgrade your skills and work on yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. It will help you succeed in the future.

To end with,

A lot can happen when your confidence gets affected. It is essential to work on your confidence and mend the habits that ruin your confidence. Confidence and self-respect are the most important elements in life. If any one element gets affected, you will fail miserably in your career. Hence, it is important to identify the habits affecting your confidence. You must understand the essence of confidence and ensure to have the right skills to shape your future. If you relate to any of the points above, work on them and mend your ways to achieve success. It will help you face challenges and overcome problems.

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