General Laws Principle Elements and its Implementation

Laws are made to administration of justice, peace in the society, prohibitions of crime and providing the rights to human beings. Everyone is bound to laws which are made by their governments. No one is above the law in this world. Everyone should follow the rules, laws and regulations for maintain the peace and justice in the society.

There are a number of laws in the world. Every country and state have its own laws according to their geography and current situations in the country. Laws are further specified according to their nature and implementation.

The laws which are implement at country level or state level are called general laws. Every person is bound to follow the general law. The general laws are for general people and for general purposes. General laws can be criminal laws, civil las, family laws, and administrative laws.

There are many codified laws which are generally follow by the people of a country or state. Like the in the USA the USA Criminal Code is general law which is implement in the whole country. The Constitution laws are also a type of general law.

In the Asian countries like Pakistan and India the Pakistan penal code and Indian Penal Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the criminal procedure code, Evidence Law, Family Laws are the general laws and these are implemented and applied the public at large and country level.

Principle of General Laws

General laws are common laws by the nature. It applied at big territory and at state level. The legislation of general laws is made by the representatives (Expert of Law) of the whole country and state. They have wide in scope and implementation.

These are in codified form and courts have authority give the right interpretation of laws and regulations. These laws are implemented to those who are citizen of a country or also who are temporary living in any country. There are no exceptions for any one and no one is above the law.

Implementation of General Laws

There is law and also there is a breach of law. The criminal mind people disturb the peace of society. These laws prohibit these criminals from crimes. For this purpose, governments implement the laws by giving the punishment and fine to the criminals. But with this there are a number of criminals in the society who are hurdle in the implementation of laws.

General law as applied at state level so the breach of these laws is strictly prohibited by the governments. The police, Intelligence agencies like FIA, FBR,CIA, ISI, RAW these are the agencies who are responsible for the implementation of laws and they have power to arrest the criminal and then the courts have power to give punishment to those who breach the laws. The general laws are strict by their nature and applied the general public or at entire country level.  The implementation is strict for general laws. These laws are made maintain the peace and justice in the country or state.

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