How To Permanently Delete Your Reddit Account

Reddit was innovated by a group of University of Virginia roommates in 2005. They included founders Steve Huffman (CEO) and Alexis Ohanian, as well as Asco-founder and CEO, Aaron Swartz. Condé Nast Publications bought this website in October 2006. In 2011, Reddit came an independent attachment of Condé Nast’s parent company, Advance Publications. In October 2014, Reddit raised$ 50 million in a backing round led by Sam Altman. And including investors Marc Andreessen, Peter Theil, Ron Conway, Snoop Dogg, and Jared Leto. Their investment valued the company at$ 500 million also.

Reddit is an American social news aggregation website. That allows druggies to submit links to websites they find precious, along with some commentary about those spots. You produce content and partake it with other people through the Local runner on the website. People bounce for your posts on Local. Reddit is a social news point where druggies produce forums called “subreddits” on a wide variety of motifs.

There are over communities and these communities are organized into “subreddits”. These subreddits are further divided into orders called” ranges”. For illustration, the order for politics ranges might include r/ politics, r/ Egalitarians, r/ Republicans, r/ Puritans, and so on. Each of these stoner-created forums is called a “subreddit”. Cessions on the/ r/ wisdom subreddit appear toward the top of their subreddit and, if they get enough votes, ultimately appear on the frontal runner.

No matter how “politically correct” our society has come, importunity and unwanted advances will continue to do. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse. It allows for obscurity and an occasion for people to get down with effects they could not do in a face-to-face discussion. On the other hand, the obscurity of the Internet can also allow for unpleasantness and indeed the importunity of others.

How To Permanently Delete Your Reddit Account

How to Delete a Reddit Account the Ultimate Guide

Reddit is the perfect place to connect with other people and share ideas. Using Reddit can be time-consuming, but it’ll give you a chance to interact with other people who are into your motifs. Likewise, the platform has had some data confidentiality issues in its history. In the future, if you use social media (or any other website) you need to know. Everything about the way it works, else, you could find yourself participating further than you anticipated with people you would rather not partake it with.

 Deleting Your Reddit Account

  • Go to the bottom of your screen where it says Musketeers and also scroll down until you see Your Musketeers List.
  • Detect the person you want to communication.
  • Click on their name
  • If you’ve formerly completed the Affiliate Program Setup process, there is an option in your account settings to kill your account, which is shown in red.
  • Click on the link Kill Your Account. You are suitable to pierce your Reddit profile indeed if it was set to private.
  • Still, if you’d rather keep your profile private, also you need to answer the question that is displayed to you. Enter your dispatch address and click” Shoot Word”.
  • You’ll also admit a dispatch from us with a link you must click.
  • This means that when you kill your account, you ’ll lose access to all of your products, and you won’t be suitable to log in or use your account again.
  • You can only extinguish an account if you haven’t used it since your account was last active.
  • The evidence box will show another window that asks you to confirm that you want to kill the account. Kill this product by clicking on the gray icon. It’ll be deleted and no longer available for purchase.
  • If you are a high member who has further than one account associated with your dispatch address, you will need to delete the other accounts. Go to your” Manage Your Account” section, elect “Prime Enrolments, “and also click the “Unsubscribe” button next to the account you want to delete.

 How To Permanently Delete Your Reddit Account

When you are at the” Account” tab of your settings you will see a section called” Links” (above the section called “Apps”). To the right of” Confirm Deactivation “is a small envelope icon with an interjection point inside it. Click that little envelope, and you will find a communication that says “Your request to have this account killed has been accepted.

Do not fret if you forget to delete any reprehensible posts or commentary you put on your now killed Reddit account. Simply using your real name won’t mean that those obnoxious posts or commentary will come back to resort you.  Still, your commentary won’t be available, if your account is inactive.

The word “username” is removed, and the word “deleted” has taken its place. How to Get Rich by Peter Theil Screenshots do not. They’re firmed in time. What you put on a website is not. You should suppose of your website as a living, breathing thing. It should be streamlined and changed frequently.

Method 1 Using PC or Mac

Already have an account? Click here to log in. Enter the username and password associated with your Reddit account and click Sign In. Deleting your Reddit account will delete the comments and posts you’ve made on Reddit, but they will remain on your profile for 6 months. If you want to keep your comments and posts private, before deleting your account, delete any comments or posts you do not wish to be viewed on Reddit.

When you enter your username and password, you’ll be given the option to change the e-mail address associated with your account, delete it, and/or delete your account. Click the checkbox at the bottom of the Reddit profile page. It’s very important to me that you understand that after you’ve decided to delete your account that it is 100% and forever deleted.

There is no going back. This policy has changed recently and I just wanted to make sure you understood that. If you ever want to deactivate your account, you should do it as soon as possible. You cannot recover your Reddit account if you delete it. It’s the orange button at the bottom of the form. This is an example of a confirmation window that displays automatically.

It’s the red button at the bottom of the window. Your account has been terminated, so please do not access or use any services. You will no longer be able to download your purchases to your computer, access your shopping history, and continue to use any other services offered.

Method 2 Using a Mobile Phone

  • Click the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the Reddit window, then click the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Find the ‘Subreddits you manage’ option.
  • Tap or click the ‘x’ in front of the following subreddits: “” “” “ Design” “Reddit.
  • It’s the icon with the red border and the white fill that looks sort of like a smile. Or maybe it’s just me. This displays the menu as a drop-down.
  • Tap the checkbox below the “X” button to delete your Reddit account. By confirming that deleting your account is permanent, I am confirming that you understand that it is indeed permanently deleted.
  • If you delete your account, it’s done for good. Once your account is deleted, there is no going back.

Deleting Your Posts and Comments

Deleting your Reddit account will NOT delete your posts and comments. However, if you still have not deleted your Reddit account more than 30 days after deleting your account, we will remove your posts and comments for you. This means your posts and comments will no longer be available on Reddit, but they will still be available on Imager. This is a true fact.

Your posted content will still be visible on Reddit with [Deleted] showing in place of your profile name. However, if any of your posts get upvotes from other members, they’ll appear above the comment section with your username instead of [Deleted]. It’s your choice if you want to delete your posts and comments before you deactivate your account. However, it’s not necessary.



In conclusion, you shouldn’t post your personal information on any other social media sites because if you are worried about your personal privacy, then it’s likely that your information will be shared. It’s much better to let your friends and customers know when you have a birthday, or where you’re going on vacation than it is to post all that information on a website or include it in an email message.

That info is out there for the grabbing if someone wants it bad enough. Social media websites may not always tell you exactly what they are doing with your information, but they do collect information from you and may use it in unexpected ways. Be careful about which social media profiles you are using and what information you share with them.

You should restrict access to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts so they don’t become an open book for your potential customers. Don’t worry though your social media accounts will still be there when you are ready to give your business the exposure it deserves.


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