Judicial System Kinds of Courts An Overview

Judiciary is the main pillar of state. The main purpose of judiciary is maintaining the justice and interpretation of law and regulations. Judiciary also protect the rights of people. The judicial system of the world is not same. Every country has its own judicial system.

In many countries’ judiciary is independent and powerful. On the other hand, in some countries where the judiciary is not independent. Every one is bound before decisions of the courts. the courts have power to take notice of any irregularity. In fact, judiciary is a check and balance authority on the government and other institutions. Courts can call any public or private person and ask him/her about that of irregularity.

Kinds of Courts                        

Judiciary is classified in different forums by the nature of crime and jurisdiction. Every country has its own rules and regulation for the appointment of judicial officers. But we will discus here the famous and most adopted judicial system by many countries. The courts have different kinds by their power and jurisdiction.  The nature and object of the courts is same at everywhere. Now the following are the kinds of courts.

Local Courts/ Local Judiciary

This is the first stage to get the justice. Every suit and legal proceeding start from this stage. If you have any problem, any dispute, and right matter then you have to concern with the local courts. you have to file a suit in the local courts.

Local courts are further divided in categories like Criminal Courts, Civil Courts, Family Courts, Rent Courts, Labor Courts, Banking Courts etc. Every matter is started from local courts then if you are not satisfied by the decision of local courts you have to option to appeal at high courts and higher judiciary platforms.

High Courts

It is also known as appellant courts. The appeal against decisions of local courts are filed here. It is highest court of any province. The high court has authority to take notice against any public or private authority. In the welfare of society, the high court can instruct any public or private body also can give direction in the welfare of society and public.

Writ petition and other cases can be filed directly in the high court according to the nature of case. It has authority to withdraw the order of the local courts and also has power to give direction and instructions to the local courts.

Supreme Court / Apex Courts

It is the highest court of any country or state. All the appeals against all the courts is filed in this apex court. It has supreme power and authority for the administration of justice. Supreme court has the power of Suo Moto.

By this power it can summon any government officials or body even it can summon the Prime Minister of a country. Supreme court has power to take action against any criminal matter at any place of country. The appeal against the decision of the supreme court can never be challenged.

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