Nikolai Lantsov Biography

Nikolai Lantsov is a former King of Ravka. And is the second son of Alexander III (though later revealed to be the biological son of Magnus Opjer). He spent many years undercover, taking on a variety of jobs and hobbies. He is first introduced in the series as Stormont, a powerful privateer, and soon after reveals his true identity to Alina Starkov and Malyen Oretsev.

Nikolai was an illegitimate child and the son of the Queen. The King had suspected this from the beginning, but the results of a DNA test proved his suspicions to be true. Nikolai understood the truth, which was that the King, the Queen, and his elder brother Vasily were indeed terrible people.


Physical description

Nikolai Lantsov is an average height man, with shoulder-length blonde hair, brown eyes, a thin beard, and a large scar over his right eye. He has the typical ravkian features: broad shoulders, a barrel chest, a large nose, and high cheekbones. He wears glasses, a red scarf around his neck, and a simple black cloak that goes down to his knees.


Lantsov is a complex man. He is a former King of Ravka, which makes him a very powerful man. He was born into a position of privilege and money, yet he chooses to hide away from the world and become a spy. This causes him to have a superiority complex; he feels he is better than other people because he knows secrets they don’t. On the other hand, Lantsov does have a sense of humor, and he will often use it as a defense mechanism against those who try to attack his self-esteem.

For the same reason, Lantsov often attempts to convince others that his intelligence is greater than that of his own subjects. Lantsov’s main goal in life is to find out more about his past and who his father really was. He doesn’t trust his father and believes he was born without being chosen by any gods, thus making him illegitimate. Lantsov is also intrigued by Alina Starkov because of her connection to her family. He is unsure if he wants to destroy her, but he does want to be near her.

As a result, he is constantly trying to impress her by providing valuable information or by making her laugh. Lantsov is very secretive, which leads to many people believing that he is a sociopath. However, this isn’t entirely true. Lantsov does feel guilt for his actions in Ravka, and he wishes he could redeem himself and make things right. However, his feelings aren’t entirely sincere. Lantsov is aware of the fact that he is more like his father than his father is like him. He has a sense of justice and often tries to make up for his wrongdoings by doing good deeds.

Nikolai Lantsov

Early age

Dark Ring lived in court, so he would have known Nikolai as a kid. Nikolai had been absent from court for nearly seven years but had Tolya Yul Bataar, a member of his ship, tailor his face because Dark Ring or one of his Glisha couldn’t take the risk of recognizing him. In seclusion, with only his father for company. His childhood was hard. His father was an alcoholic who was often abusive.

Nikolai’s older brother, Alexei (the real Prince of Ravka) was sent to a labor camp for trying to poison their father. When Alexei came home from the camp, he tried to kill his father again. He succeeded, but their mother managed to save Alexander by cutting him open with a sword. She died shortly thereafter, and Alexander locked himself in his study for five years.

In conclusion, he never drank again, but instead became a hermit. He spent his days reading history books and writing his memoirs. In those days, the Tsar wrote mostly about war. He was particularly fascinated by the Battle of Boron Gates, where an outnumbered Roman legionary general defeated a massive Persian army.

The story is true, but it took place during the time of Emperor Claudius. The battle was later discovered to be a fictionalized account written by a member of the Roman General’s staff. It inspired Alexander to write the first draft of his memoirs.

Hence, the title of the book. It’s a rather unique book, as Alexander never finished it. His father died soon after he finished it, and it was left unpublished until recently when he decided to finish it and publish it. Personality: Nikolai is kind and generous. And is a very romantic person.

Nikolai Lantsov loves to spend time with Alina Starkov and Malyen Oretsev. And can be a little naive and impulsive. He is also extremely protective of his friends. He also has an intense, almost manic obsession with things that he deems important.

Middle age

Nikolai was in love with Alina Starkov from the moment he met her in a tavern on a cold winter night. He was surprised to find out she was the daughter of Alexei Lantsov, one of the most powerful people in Ravka. She claimed she wanted to become a journalist, but Nikolai suspected she really wanted to spy on him, or at least learn everything she could about him. When she confessed to Nikolai that she had killed her father, he was furious and swore to make her suffer for it. After meeting her again, he found out that she’d had to leave her country and hide her identity.

In another case, when Nikolai and his best friend, Malyen Oretsev, were captured by the Glisha while trying to save their king, Nikolai was forced to kill his friend in cold blood. A little later, he learned from Malyen that Alina had been sent to Ravka by a man named Gavril Oretsev to spy on him.

Nikolai learned that Gavril was Alina’s older brother, who was a spy for Dark Ring. He also learned that Alina hated Dark Ring and thought he was a horrible person and was planning to leave him soon. She was also extremely jealous of the attention and affection he paid to Alina. Nikolai decided to help her escape to avoid any further bloodshed.

As I have said before, Nikolai is kind and generous. Alina Starkov is an intelligent and beautiful woman. She has dark brown hair that falls into curls, a light skin tone, and grey eyes. She is tall and very thin. Her nose is slightly pointed, and she has a small mouth with thin lips. Alina Starkov wears glasses and dresses in mostly black or purple. She is also quite religious and tends to think about it a lot. She is also very stubborn and often gets mad at people who are trying to help her.


He has an older brother named Alexis. When they were kids, Alexis was their father’s favorite. He was brilliant and had a beautiful, loving wife. Unfortunately, she died when he was only thirty-four years old. He had three children with her: a son, Andrei; a daughter, Ekaterina; and a son, Nikolai.

Nikolai was their father’s favorite. He was the oldest and the brightest. Unfortunately, he was also extremely lazy. When it came to schoolwork, Nikolai would do the bare minimum needed to get by, while his brother worked hard to excel. Andrei dropped out of high school to join the circus and later became one of the highest-paid and most respected stuntmen in Hollywood.

Take the case of the two brothers: Their lives have taken very different paths. This causes some friction between them. Nikolai thinks his brother has too much money and too many women, while his brother thinks Nikolai is a slacker with no ambition whatsoever. They’re both partly right.

The truth is, both of them are losers. Neither has ever had a meaningful relationship with a woman, and neither has any desire to settle down and have children. They both consider themselves to be living in a state of exile from the world. And so, they support each other in this belief. Their father’s last words to his sons were “You are the light of my life. Never let me or the world see you as the other.” His last wish was for his sons not to end up like him.

For some reason, he seems to have had a premonition that something terrible was going to happen to one of his sons. And it did. He died before he could finish his memoirs. What happened: One day, his brother was getting ready to go jogging. He put on a sweatshirt that said “Ravka” on the front of it. On the back of the sweatshirt, there was a picture of a bear with the words “Ravka means ‘Bear’ in Russian.”

That’s when his brother realized he was definitely going to die. He told his wife, and she told Nikolai. She told him while he was jogging with her. He never ran again. Shortly thereafter, he found out his father had died and was buried. He went to the funeral home and saw his father’s body for the first time in years


Nikolai Lantsov is a former king of Ravka. He’s been training in various forms of combat for years and is now on a quest to find a way to bring the kingdom back to its former glory.

He’s the best. Everything he does is perfect. There is nothing else that compares.  He sets the example for all the rest of the players, and they always try to follow his lead. He has soldiers and citizens who will follow him without question.


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