Special Laws Local Laws A Brief Overview

Law are different types by their nature and implementation. They have many kinds and have different implementations according to situation. Some laws made for temporary time period. Some laws for specific area or region. Many laws are generally implemented. The purpose of all the laws is to maintain the justice and peace in the society.

The Police, Courts, and government institutions are responsible for the application of laws. They work for the prohibition of crimes and provide justice to the people on their disputes and matters. There are special laws and local laws. They are same in some situations and nature but different in many conditions. We will discuss both and find the difference between local laws and special laws.

They are same in the nature but different in implementation. The purpose is same but the body of law is different. The local laws based on customs and traditions of a specific area and the special laws are for the special purposes. Every country allows to local bodies and governments to make their own local laws according to the culture of that local area.

Special Law

The laws which are made for specific class of people, or for special situation. These are temporary by the nature. These laws made for specific performance of the laws. Special laws are for special purposes and the general public is not bound to the special law. When any particular situation occurs then the special laws made for that specific and particular situation. This law is implemented for specific group of people or people in rare condition.

The special laws are supreme then general laws by its implementation. Where the special law comes the general laws loses its application. Special laws are made for a temporary time period or may be for the permanent according to the situations.  The laws like specific relief act, conventional laws and international laws are the type of special laws. They are strictly implemented by the administration. The punishment on the breach of these laws is also special by its nature.

Local Laws

The laws which are made for a specific are or region or made by the local governments are called local laws. These laws may be made by the municipal governments for their local areas. These are different in each local area or province or state of a country.

Local laws are administrative in nature. The penal and civil laws are general laws which are made at country level. But the local laws are made at local government level for the betterment of justice in the local areas. Local laws based on the customs of the specific area. Every country has the different cultures and norms and customs in their areas.

So, the local bodies make the law according to their culture, customs and norms. The rent laws, municipal laws, nuisance laws and traffic lawsare the example of local laws which are made by the local governments at local level.

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